lovi is a step towards making our food system transparent and sustainable. 

We believe consumers should have access to the origin of food and the climate impact. 

Where does the idea of lovi come from?

It all started in 2018 as a personal project to find a way to reduce food waste that accumulated due to a colleague’s love for smoothies. 

lovi has always been about reducing waste in a nutritious and tasty way. After designing powdered smoothie blends, we have now moved on to develop juices with ingredients from surplus produce.

Every carrot deserves a second chance.

Honestly, the whole food system deserves a second chance. We decided to start our journey with carrots. The result: a juice where 25% of the content comes from surplus carrots from Danish farms.

What makes lovi unique?

We encourage you to follow the product's journey through the attached QR code. Here you will be able to track the product's origin and climate performance so that you can know the impact you and this juice are having. 

Why all this? We want to be transparent with our processes and provide you as a consumer with the power to make sustainable decisions. Basically, you see what we know.

Did you get so thirsty that you want to retail our juice?

If you want to retail our juice in your store, we will be happy to talk to you about it!

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