lovi is a step towards making our food system transparent and sustainable.

Every carrot deserves a second chance

lovi is made with resources that otherwise were categorized as surplus, and could not be marketed to end consumers due to aesthetic reasons. This helps not only reduce food waste but also reduce natural resources, like water, from being wasted.

Every year, roughly 1/3 of the food produced globally actually ends up being wasted. This amounts to 1.3BN tons of wasted food!


If we want to feed the growing population, we not only have to produce food in a better way, but we also have to find ways to reduce waste and eat what we are already producing.

The challenge in our food system
Long live the carrot!

The UN estimates that 40-50% for root crops, fruits, and vegetables grown each year never make it from farm to the table. In the case of carrots, 25-30% of carrots grown, don’t make it to the end consumers because of physical or aesthetic defects.

In Denmark, carrots are the second biggest crop waste. With a yearly surplus of over 1.000 tons of organic carrots, that cannot be marketed directly to consumers. We believe that every fruit and vegetable deserve a second chance.

What makes lovi special?

We want to be transparent with our processes and provide you with the power to make sustainable decisions. Basically, you see what we know.

This is why we have attached a QR code to the label. We want to show you where this product comes from, and what impact it has on the environment.